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Diapason Limited Edition Karis Wave Loudspeaker

Diapason Karis Wave Standmount Speaker

  • Titan Audio Nyx - HiFi pig recommended

    "A superbly constructed cable offering great quality materials and a noticeable lift in playback. Providing a lift to energy, air and resolution especially on digital sources in my system. Versus the hot competition in the market today Titan has somehow managed to include genuinely class-leading components at an incredibly sharp price point and the Nyx should be on everyone’s audition list. I’ve now invested in more, as well as complimentary products. A bigger improvement for me direct into source but an improvement over the Styx when into one of the Titan power blocks."

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  • Spirit Torino Super Leggera - Audiophile Heaven Hall of Fame

    "A romantic headphone, with a slightly warm sound, something to
    enjoy both in the evening and in the morning, and a nice all-rounder
    that can sound amazing with rock, metal, pop, classical, and pretty
    much anything your heart desires.

    At the end of today's review, if you're looking for a pair of headphones
    and if you want them to be a proper flagship, Spirit Torino
    SuperLeggera has one of the best overall designs, sonic performances
    and comes with three high-quality cables from the factory."

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  • Advance Paris XL-1000 - Audiopal's Gold Award

    "Other manufacturers have gone down this route, I’m thinking of Focal who are in my opinion worthy of consideration here but these X-L 1000s cost considerably less than the equivalent Focal Utopia model, so a firm recommendation is deserved here. In fact there are few speakers I have heard at any price which are significantly better. Thats high praise indeed. 

    I have to be really picky to find any faults, and as a quick summary, if you are getting in vinyl, or looking to rekindle that passion, look no further than the Juke Box E & Speaker Box 5, it is a fantastic product, and at its price, its frankly unbeatable!"

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