Their highly skilled and experienced precision mechanics, electronics technicians, and engineers in design and production handle the creation of every Acoustic Solid Turntable. They supported by administrative staff who offer expert backing.

The head, constructor, and designer is the mechanical engineer Karl Wirth, who founded the manufactory twenty-five years ago. The Wirth family also works in the company. As a dedicated team, they can achieve great things because we are united by the same values: precision, quality, and a great passion for good analogue sound.

  • Acoustic Solid Wood MPX is HiFi Plus Recommended

    "The quality of finish on the plinth is outstanding – it’s uber-classy and feels sensuously-smooth to the touch. Speaking personally, I find the MPX gorgeous to behold. It’s big and bold, yet doesn’t shriek at you, being understated and quietly-impressive. As a piece of design it oozes style and elegance."

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Tuned Like a Super Car

Karl Wirth, who was still employed in the automotive industry in the area of ​​acoustics and precision equipment, always remained loyal to records, but was dissatisfied with the range of players on offer.So he preferred to build “his” perfect record player himself.

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