Titanic Audio is the very definition of exquisite hand-made craftsmanship, born in the very heart of Belfast. Bearing the iconic name, Titanic, they not only stand as a symbol of Northern Ireland manufacturing, but also hold the same revolutionary philosophies that were once true and have reimagined what that can be to the Hi-Fi industry.

Unique thinking in creating new and innovative suspension systems was key to the sound reproduction you can hear from any Titanic Audio cartridge. Specialised suspension allows the cartridge to react in real time to movements or issues in the vinyl, thus reducing the pressure or
reactions required form the tonearm.

  • Model A Receives 5 Stars From Hifi Pig

    "Impressive all around with a lovely and light touch. Agile and deft"

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Handmade For Life

All Titanic Audio products are handmade in Belfast, Northern Ireland by trained technicians. Additionally each product comes with a Lifetime Warranty when registered within 30 Days to ensure that if the worst does happen, you're covered!