Audio Show Deluxe 2024 Recap!

Audio Show Deluxe 2024 Recap!

On Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th March we attended the Audio Show Deluxe in Whittlebury Hall Park where our team displayed our full range of distribution products alongside a full live system set-up!

Overall we had great success over the course of the weekend, seeing huge crowds flood into the room on several occasions. This naturally made it difficult for the team to even get back into the room to chat with attendees or even change the track! We saw fantastic responses to the product ranges such as Acoustic Solid, Titanic Audio and of course our surprise collaborator, Silent Pound! 

Silent Pound 

It was pleasure welcome our guests at Silent Pound, who kindly debuted their Challenger loudspeaker alongside our components! The Challenger is the first product in the range from the relatively new company built in Lithuania, but certainly packed a punch when sparring with more established brands, especially those at higher price points! The Challenger on display showcased the matte black finish of the full steel exterior structure, and paired beautifully with the transparent glass crossover cover.

The design is a patent pending construction featuring open baffled Drive units and enclosed Mid Base & Tweeters. This unique choice of set-up allowed for a truly  immense soundstage, with punchy base and broad dynamics. Pairing with the Audia Flight electronics, the sound was tastefully relaxed, resulting in the majority of attendees staying for multiples albums, while offering superb levels of detail including even the most minute sounds/factors of any given track. The response of this lead to large amounts of interest in the plucky new brand leaving attendees and exhibitors alike excited to see what is next for the brand. 

Acoustic Solid

In a daring attempt to steal the show, the Solid Brake Turntable drew crowds in with the unique and flamboyant styling while resting on the static display. It's safe to say it felt right at home with Silverstone Raceway merely miles away from the venue. 

On demonstration was the Vintage Turntable who's price point continued to baffle the nation. Continually being mistaken for a "At least £20k" product, it was refreshing experience seeing attendee's faces light up when the the heard the real price! 

Audia Flight

On display we featured the FLS9 Integrated Amplifier which rested on our static display. In regular fashion, it's detailed curves and bright silver finish attracted huge interest and attention. 

On demonstration was the dynamic duo of FLS1 & FLS4 Pre & Power Amplifiers. Their powerful pairing with the Silent Pounds offered an impressive sound which lead to some very exciting potential for the two brands moving forward.  Additionally when plugged into the Diapason Adamantes, the Italian chemistry began to flow in regular fashion. Constantly being tagged in for the Challenger on Day Two, attendees where enthusiastic to hear both sets of speakers.  


On Day One, the Adamantes where placed on a static display alongside a blank Karis III cabinet to showcase the detailed inner working of the speaker. 

On Day Two, they were placed on their matching stands and debuted in the main system. The representation of vocals was superb and left crowds stunned by the performance.

Spirit Torino

While not actively featured in the main system, Spirit Torino's out-of-the-box aesthetics kept attendees interested, flooding around the static display. The Mistral BT and Super Leggera had a fresh Blue and Red colour palette which was quintessentially British by the Italian brand.  

Titan Audio 

On display was a collaboration of power blocks including the Ares, Eros and new HS-PWR which left fans perplexed at the innovation and unique styling choice. Titan also kindly loaned out some early examples of their new Suspension Arc Cable Lifts which were on display. 

In the system the turntable, pre and power amplifiers where powered by a Eros Signature, HS-X3 and HS-X6 respectfully. These were fed into a Eros Power Blocked, powered by an additional HS-X6. 

Titanic Audio

The Belfast based company came to play at the show, gaining massive attention with their Newton Clamp and Model G Cartridge. Both featured on the Vintage Turntable, they helped recreate exceptional sound for the vinyl source. However it wasn't just sound which caught everyone's attention, the striking chrome visuals meant there was rarely a time when the system was on full display without an attendee crouched down to see the two at work.  

In Conclusion 

We saw a fantastic response to all the brands throughout the duration of the show, gaining some invaluable insight/feedback about specific products. While 'technically' their was no winners at the event, we were advised on several occasions that we had the "best sound"! Overall we were very pleased with the outcome of the show and look forward to pushing the brands further in the coming months. We were able to arrange a series of upcoming reviews at the show from a number of press outlets so please stay tuned for upcoming news!

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