Acoustic Solid Wood MPX is HiFi + Recommended

Acoustic Solid Wood MPX is HiFi + Recommended

"The quality of finish on the plinth is outstanding – it’s uber-classy and feels sensuously-smooth to the touch. Speaking personally, I find the MPX gorgeous to behold. It’s big and bold, yet doesn’t shriek at you, being understated and quietly-impressive. As a piece of design it oozes style and elegance."

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First impressions were of a big solid stable presentation. The MPX sounds rock-steady and unflappable, with outstanding pitch stability – something to be expected, given its massive 12kg platter. It delivers deep powerful bass lines, creating an impression of weight and authority.

I really noticed this on music with strong synthesiser lines. You experience a hefty inexorable sense of power and mass as the air moves. Yet, while the bottom end is full-bodied and deep, it’s not bloated or ponderous; just satisfyingly-rich – a nice ample weighty sort of sound…

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