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Titanic Audio

Titanic Audio Model S Cartridge

Titanic Audio Model S Cartridge

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The Model S is the perfect balance of distinguished perforance and affordability. Each Model S body is manufactured using aerospace grade Aluminium and finished with a magnificent eletroplated chrome. This material not only offers excellent resilence and durability by reducing vibrational interferance, but is an eye-catching centrepiece to any turntable. Both the Model A & Model S make use of non-magnetic materials to remove any electronic tampering throughout the cartridge.

The design is encapsulated through the perfect balance of 50/50 weight distribution allowing this cartridge to eligantly glide through any record. Each cartridge is designed with a threaded body which ensures fitting is an effortless task.

Musicality is at the heart of all our models, we focused on creating a product that not only produces high accuracy but more importantly an incredible musical experience which can be enjoyed for hours on end without fatigue. We all strive for life like reproduction of music but that shouldn't be at the expense of enjoyment.


All our cartridges come with a lifetime warranty for the first registered owner against material or workmanship defects. *Wear & tear parts such as wearing to the suspension and/or stylus are not covered by the warranty package.


All our products are hand made in Northern Ireland - United Kingdom by our highly skilled team of technicians.


Type Body Stylus Cantilever

Stereo MC

CNC Machined Aerospace Aluminum

Elliptical Nude Diamond


Height Weight Coil Type Output Level



0.02mm OCC

0.36mV (1KHz, 5cm/s)

Coil Impedance Frequency response Load Impedance Recommended tracking force

10.5 Ω

20-20KHz ±1dB



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