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Chario Constellation Pegasus Floorstanding Speaker

Chario Constellation Pegasus Floorstanding Speaker

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3 way Floorstand

Like its mythical namesake, Pegasus is powerful when needed and gentle when needed. Effortlessly blending high, mid and low frequencies into an exceptional soundstage, the Pegasus was built to soar in any musical genre. The beam angle of the tweeter is 60°, while the woofer is omnidirectional (360°). The speaker mounts are covered with a clear plastic protective cover, two O-rings and a rubber plate for complete insulation.

High Perfomance

The Pegasus is a three-way floorstanding speaker with a T-38 tweeter and a 160mm woofer on the front of the speaker, and another 160mm bass reflex woofer located on the bottom of the speaker. The location of all drives is already determined at the design stage, and this allows you to fine-tune the relationship between the speaker and the listening room. The lower woofer reduces the voltage of the upper one, occupying an eighth of the sound spectrum, extending the frequency response to 45 Hz.

Reflective Surface

Constellation Pegasus Mk2

The NRS principle uses the proximity of the bearing surface and the structure of the drivers to increase bass performance. Frequencies emitted by a woofer in this manner reduce distortion, as twice the efficiency is achieved by half the displacement of its membrane. The system applied to the Pegasus model is fully designed to reproduce frequencies from 50 to 170 Hz. As a result, NRS achieves double the SPL (3 dB gain) for the same distortion


Low Frequency Load 

  • Vented NRS


  • 3 way Floor Standing


  • 1 Tweeter 38 mm Soft Dome
  • 1 Woofer 170 mm Paper Compound
  • 1 Subwoofer 170 mm Paper Compound


  • 90 dB SPL / normalized to 1m / 2. 83 Vrms 
  • decorrelated L/R 
  • Pink Noise ITU-R BS 1116-1 compliant listening room

Low Frequency Cut Off

  • 45 Hz @ -3 dB referred to C4 WETS

Crossover Frequencies

  • 170/1500 Hz - LKR 4th order

Rated Impedance 

  • Modulus 4 Ω (min 3.0) Argument ± 36°

Cabinet & Dimensions


Solid walnut and HDF. 

Size & Weight

1030 x 230 x 370 mm (H x W x D) / 26 Kg

Acoustic Environment & Amplification

Speakers Orientation 

Speakers should be tilted inward facing the listener

Listening Distance 

Optimum speaker-listener distance > 3 m

Listening Layout 

A carpeted floor in front of the speakers is recommended

Side and Back Walls 

Should be at least 1m away from the speaker front baffle

Suggested Amplifier 

140 W/4 Ω  Max Average Power

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