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Titan Audio

Titan Audio Eros Signature Mains Cable

Titan Audio Eros Signature Mains Cable

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The Eros Signature Mains Cable offer phonemical performance and control to your system. Ideal for high power equipment such as Amplifiers or Mains Blocks, the Eros Signature builds upon the already exceptional technologies of it's predecessors.  

FFT Ready

The Eros Signature is compatible with our innovative ForceField Technology (FFT) allowing extra protection from EMI & RFI interference. The FFT module can be added using the pre-installed connector offer an extra layer of protection through this meaningful upgrade path.

Wired to Win

OCC is often referred to as continuous casting as the cable is one continuous single crystal which allow the electrons to flow easily through it. With standard copper, when magnified the copper contains millions of crystals, with the flow of electricity having to pass through each individual crystal, disrupting the flow of electrons . This then reduces the flow of electrons through the cable. OCC is the best copper conductor available as the cable strands are one continuous crystal, meaning electricity can flow through it easily, freeing the electrons to flow without impedance. The Eros improves significantly on the performance of the Helios Signature cable.

Power Connections

The cable is then sheathed in a PTFE dialectic which reduces even further the effects of RFI & EMI interference both airborne and mains-borne. The Eros is constructed using OCC copper multi strand cable with a braided steel screen. The UK version uses a cryogenically treated audiophile grade MS mains plug with an upgraded MS fuse as well as a custom designed cryogenically treated red copper wattgate IEC plug. The Shuko and US versions use custom designed gold plated mains plugs.

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