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Titan Audio

Titan Audio Helios Signature Mains Cable

Titan Audio Helios Signature Mains Cable

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"Brought the most significant jump in performance for me and created a bit of a wow moment, especially in terms of weight, dynamics and, in particular, the timing. Guitars now sounded more natural and freer and were given more space. Vocals were now easier to follow and sounded more human, bringing to my attention how singers controlled their vocal delivery." 

Chris Baillie - The Ear 

Read: The Ear

The Helios Signature is designed to be used with mains blocks and amplifiers to offer significant current delivery with a four core 4mm configuration. Construction is a high purity OFC copper cable with an extra core over the standard Helios cable and a braided steel screen. 

FFT Ready

The Helios Signature is compatible with our innovative ForceField Technology (FFT) allowing extra protection from EMI & RFI interference. The FFT module can be added using the pre-installed connector offer an extra layer of protection through this meaningful upgrade path.

Fully Fused

The UK version uses a cryogenically treated 13 amp plug with an upgraded bushman fuse as well as a high quality copper wattgate IEC connector which is also cryogenically treated. The Shuko and US versions use a high quality gold plated mains plug.

Durable Shielding

The Helios Signature Mains Cable is sheathed in a PTFE dialectic which reduces even further the effects of RFI & EMI interference both airborne and mains-borne. Underneath are three additional layers of shielding protection to further help reduce noise created by these interferences.

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