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Titan Audio

Titan Audio Eros V2 Mains Block

Titan Audio Eros V2 Mains Block

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One of the problems which can be encountered with using a power block is having a loss of current delivery as you travel down the block (away from the original power source). The reason you see this happening is generally due to the busbar system (meaning the sockets are connected with solid bars) which most manufacturers choose to use, due to its affordability and easy manufacturing credentials. When we were designing the Eros block, we quickly realised that this method was old and outdated, and could be vastly improved. We therefore developed our own hard wired power deliver method, meaning each socket maintains the exact current delivery regardless of position. This means you receive perfect symmetry across the entire block, resulting in consistent sonic improvement across every component which is connected into the block. 

Sounds as Good as it Looks

Building upon the hard wiring of the Ares Mains Block, the Eros models delivers so much more. Every socket is internally wired with the same OCC (Single Crystal Copper) cable you receive in our Eros mains cables. This single crystal copper allows for effortless current flow, which is why you hear the added improvements. The Eros sockets are also improved with new higher spec’d components,  improved earthing internally and also features a grounding point on the outer chassis, to further reduce interference.

Unlike the previous Eros model, the new Eros power block chassis is created entirely from Aluminium, with further developments being made from our previous acrylic isolation legs. The new Aluminium legs also feature newly constructed, high density neoprene isolation on the base, which has proven to effectively reduce vibrations and unwanted noise considerably across all environments. Each leg is once again mounted to the chassis with bespoke Stainless Steel fixings, each torqued specifically to offer the perfect isolation properties. 

Built to Impress

While keeping to Titan Audio’s philosophy, once again a unique IEC socket is included, allowing you to choose your desired cable to use with any of our blocks. With the Eros block, we highly recommend using either the Eros Signature, Chimera Signature or Nemesis Signature in order to achieve the best from the power block, however the separate IEC allows customers to experiment ,and most importantly upgrade at their own pace to continue to achieve ground breaking improvements in their systems. 

Interference Protection

The design of the new Eros Power Block has come with the intention of offering customers the opportunity to hear the true potential of their systems. With our domestic and commercial mains supplies becoming ever more contaminated with EMI (electromagnetic frequencies) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) ,the need for considering the mains in your system has grown from an “opportunity” to an absolute necessity. This is why we offer a large product range at various price points, to allow customers to make these essential changes, and continue to enjoy their systems as they should sound. 

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